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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lady Gaga - "ARTPOP" 4th Album News Page

† LADY GAGA † ARTPOP † 2013 †
This page will be CONSTANTLY updated with new info on Lady Gaga's upcoming 4th album ARTPOP. Keep checking beck here to this link for updates news on the album!

Release Dates:
I was lucky enough to be able to get in a chat room with Lady Gaga on and i asked her 2 questions about the release of new music and she answered me both times!

New Single to be Released in 2012
Me: "Gaga can we expect a new single in 2012?"
Gaga: "yes"

New Album to be released in 2013 (before spring)
Me: "Gaga is your new album coming in 2012 or 2013? we are all so excited"
Gaga: "new album next year" "but it will be before spring"

So we can expect the new album anywhere from January - March 2013

ARTPOP Confirmed Title: Newsletter
In the Newsletter that was sent out to little monsters emails that are registered members to the site confirmed that Gaga's new album is titled "ARTPOP"

On Chat:
Gaga on Little Monsters chat saying "will you tell the other fans that art pop is the title"

Lady Gaga tweeted that to "ask @DJWS about the next single! So one can only think that DJ White Shadow is the producer of Gaga's lead single from ARTPOP

STILL NOT CONFIRMED TO BE TRUE - On June 18th San Diego's Z90.3 announced that Lady Gaga is going to release a new single before October and the title of the single (and album) could be called "Warning Signs." We do not know if this source is reliable of if this is false! i guess only time will tell but as of now this is only a rumor.

Gaga on new music before the album:

Gaga taling about the song rumored to be called "Music Gaga" she played for fans while she was signing autographs for fans in her car


DJ White Shadow:
Above is a photo of Lady Gaga & DJWS in the studio back in June.

DJ White Shadow got a tattoo saying "ARTPOP" and I'm pretty sure he would not get the words permanently tattooed on his hands if he was not involved in the production of the album.

This song titled "CRWTH" was registered on Lady Gaga's BMI page on September 11th and DJWS (aka Paul Blair) is listed as one of the writers/producers!

In the screenshot above Lady Gaga confirmed than RedOne is a producer on ARTPOP to a fan.
FAN: "Are you working with RedOne?"
GAGA: "i saw redone YES"
March 21st - Jeff1317 (a reliable Gaga insider) Confirming that RedOne is working with Gaga on her new album
Q:@jeff1317 speaking of witch is it true that Gaga isn't working with RedOne anymore? :(
A: @heavymetal0verr no

Fernando Garibay:

Fernando Garibay talked to MTV about ARTPOP in November saying  "I get a little bit of anxiety thinking about that right now," "I wanna just always try to outdo ourselves, our songs." The producer then continued to say "They're already incredible songs. But I feel like she's so young," he said, adding that the record is in its early stages and that "there's a lot of room to grow."

Lady Gaga emphasized on the O when she spelled "yOur" making it "Our new jams" in her tweet to Zedd.

Zedd & DJWS are in contact which means they are most likely working on new Gaga songs!
Also back in April posted an article on Zedd going on tour with Lady Gaga. The article also talked about the pair possibly working with each other on new music. 

The article said: "I introduced them in London at a Beats event," Interscope A&R representative Dave Rene says. "I said, 'Gaga, I want you to meet Zedd.' Then Gaga reached her arm out and touched him and said, 'Let's work together.'"

While the Interscope team won't comment on the exact nature of Zedd's work for Gaga just yet, the two artists are in active contact. Gaga is known to be working on a follow-up to last year's chart-topping Born This Way.
And in a recent interview with DJ David Guetta he said regarding Lady Gaga's new album "But actually I know for a fact - because I know who she's working with now - that the next album is going to be absolutely crazy. He's someone really good, a young kid."

Was he referring to Zedd? or a NEW producer?
May 20th - Jeff1317 (a reliable Gaga insider) Confirming that Zedd is working with Gaga on her new album
 Q: @jeff1317 so zedd is gonna be the next big thing huh? i'm assuming that's why gaga tapped him for the new album.
A:@thsbtch_ yupp!

On August 5th Lady Gaga registered a song called "Weather Man" on her BMI page and it was co-writen & produced by Darkchild (who also co-wrote & produced "Telephone") so is "Weather Man" going to be on ARTPOP?

DJ Madeon


Kendrick Lamar
Kendrick Lamar has already recorded the studio with Lady Gaga


The photo above shows that Coldplay ReTweeted a tweet of Gaga talking about her next album "ARTPOP" could it be that they have a collaboration together on the album? or are they just Little Monsters excited for her new album?

Elton John

Douglas Aldrich

Azealia Banks
Lady Gaga told fans that went backstage at her Born This Way Ball in Manchester on September 11th that her new song with Azealia Banks is called "Ratchet"!

Possible Lyrics: 
Gaga instagramed this picture saying "we could we could belong together. ARTPOP"

"A hybrid can, withstand these things, my heart can beat, with bricks and strings, my ARTPOP could mean anything"

What Lady Gaga's Sound Engineer (@Davey_R_2_D_2) has CONFIRMED on his twitter about her next album "ARTPOP":

July 18th - Nothing On (But The Radio) will not be the next single from the new album
Q: @Davey_R_2_D_2 Will the new single be Nothing On But The Radio?
A: @GagasNEGuy NO!

July 18th - He gives the new single a rating of "11" when the scale was only 1-10
Q: @Davey_R_2_D_2 Rate Gaga's new single from a scale of 1 to 10
A: @HausOfLupe 11

July 18th - It has not yet been decided whether Princess Die will be on the next album
Q: @Davey_R_2_D_2 Can you tell us if Princess Die will be part of the next album?
A: @LilMonster62 The boss has not decided yet.

July 18th - The next single is better than Bad Romance
Q: @Davey_R_2_D_2 Is gaga's next single better than Bad Romance? :P
A: @jenny18808852 Does the pope wear a funny hat?

July 16th - The new Gaga record will tear up the club
Q: @Davey_R_2_D_2 Really I just wanna know if the new Gaga record is gonna tear up the club?
A: @Born2BeBrave yep and yep.

July 10th - The new album will have chorus's that "won't leave your whole body" meaning that the songs will be incredibly catchy
Q: @Davey_R_2_D_2 in the next album, there will be choruses that do not leave the head anyway?
A: @duudumoura they won't leave your whole body.

July 10th - The new album is not influenced by "The Fame" or "The Fame Monster" 2013 is the new influence
Q: @Davey_R_2_D_2 The new single of Gaga is something never heard or has influences from THE FAME or THE FAME MONSTER!? Please answer me
A: @AnthonioMugler 2013 is the new influence.

July 9th - The album cover art has been shot already
Q: @Davey_R_2_D_2 Do you know what the album cover will look like yet??
A: @KBreezy023 yes.

July 9th - The album will have mega hits (hinting to higher commercialness & a more mainstream sound)
Q: @Davey_R_2_D_2 do you see some mega hits on the next album?
A: @Arturo52311 Definitely.

July 9th - The first single is being tweaked (hinting that it is mainly finished)
Q: @Davey_R_2_D_2 Is the new single already finished? Or does she still need to work on it and add the final touch?
A: @ViperousMonster it's being tweaked.

Other Notes:
Vincent Herbert talked about "ARTPOP" in an interview with website "That Grape Juice" saying "It's just an insane, great record. She's on tour right now, but it's just going to be a great record. Look out for the unexpected when it comes to her. We're doing it on the road right now, so it's a little hard, but it's going to be great."

More songs registered to Lady Gaga's BMI page


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